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Fuji Xerox 6200 Yellow Toner Cartridge


These cartridges are manufactured as environmentally friendly as possible. This refilled toner cartridges has the following characteristics:

  • Only cartridges that have never been refilled before are used. The toners are carefully mechanically cleaned. The waste toner is properly disposed of.
  • After taking the cartridge apart, wear parts like OPC drums are cleaned and polished. Other parts such as blades and wipes are replaced if necessary.
  • This high-quality refill toner (colour tonertoner powder) has been developed for the above mentioned printer models especially. Due to its professionally developed chemical composition, this toner powder matches the original toner as closely as possible. Our toner is produced in Japan and is conform to all safety regulations and the EU Directive 1907/2006 called REACH.
  • This cartridge is sealed and absolutely leak-free. Before inserting the cartridge into the printer, only the seal tape has to be removed.
  • The cartridges is packaged in a special air bag. Our cartridges are exclusively shipped in robust boxes.
  • Very low claim rate: Each cartridge is tested before leaving the factory. This is why we give our warranty on all our toner cartridges.


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